You know why I fux with Complex Mag heavy? Their staff is made up of some real music nerds. Like, unnecessarily nerdy with the shit, encyclopedic knowledge of hip hop, up-to-date with the latest in indie rock/rap, and sometimes dabbling in the greatest of 90’s and early aughts KPOP? Yeah, man. I bumped into Complex’s Deputy Editor Brendan Fredrick in BK a couple of weeks ago and he told me about this Perry mixtape he was working on. Haha seriously? (That’s what I said). I always knew he did these great tribute compilations of slept on hip hop producers (Trackmasters, Battlecat, etc) and eras of great music (The Alternative Rock Collection, Backpack Rap) but yo, Perry?! Hell yeah, Perry.

Korean pop music is everywhere these days, but my own introduction to the genre came in 2000 when various college friends exposed me to the era’s K-Pop hitmakers, who are now considered “old school.” Amongst all the sappy ballads and cheesy boy bands, the music of YG Entertainment always stuck out to me, particularly the group Jinusean, who completely floored me with their 2001 album The Reign. I didn’t need to speak Korean to appreciate the big, neck-snapping beats that gave the duo’s hip-hop drenched LP its distinctive sound. I soon discovered that an artist named Perry, who rapped on several of the LP’s tracks, was also the producer responsible for creating its music.

Get the mixtape and other great compilations here. And say wuttup to the man behind the mix on Twitter.