Roy Choi the chef behind LA spots A-Frame, Chego, Sunny Spot, and the famous Kogi BBQ trucks is finally dropping his cook book tomorrow. I know a lot of foodies are going to be all over it but yo, it’s also for the guys living in the parents’ basement taking bong rips or guy¬†suiting up every morning to crunch numbers. Because it’s more than a cookbook. L.A. Son is a memoir that details his journey from burnout to pioneer. And if you’ve ever had a conversation with him outside one of his trucks or listened to him on some interview, you know he’s like the Asian RZA just trying to impart some game to us young method mans and ghostdeinis. Real talk, I’m expecting to cry multiple times from the inspiration and good food these unskilled, grubby little hands are about to make for myself.¬†

There’s also a tour going down on parts of the east coast and all along the west:

For more information go here and order the book here.