Forbes put out their list of wealthiest Americans and then KoreAm did their damn thing and picked out the Asian Americans from the list. Lo’ and behold, the wealthiest is Patrick Soon-Shiong, and HE SELLS DRUGS. Pharmaceutical ones, obviously.

#1. Patrick Soon-Shiong
Net worth: $8 billion
World ranking: #145
U.S. ranking: #48
Age: 61
Source of Wealth: Pharmaceuticals, self-made
Education: Master of Science, University of British Columbia; Bachelor of Arts / Science, University of Witwatersrand; Medical Doctor, University of Witwatersrand
Background: Born in South Africa, graduated medical school and did internship there. Moved to Canada, received master’s degree from University of British Columbia. He then moved to the United States where he initiated his surgical training at UCLA and became a board-certified surgeon.

Druuuug dealing just to get byyyyy (c) Kanye West

Second place?

#2. Jin Sook & Do Won Chang
Founders, Forever 21
Net worth: $4.5 billion
World ranking: #276
U.S. ranking: #84
Age: 58
Source of Wealth: Retail, self-made
Background: Immigrants from South Korea.

Word?! Let me tell you a funny story from like 10 years ago, when I was still in high school. My cousin was getting married so my whole family flew out to California. It was cool, I mean, weddings are a beautiful thing. After the ceremony, we headed to the reception and I surveyed the area (fancy rooftop dancefloors) and spotted a couple of cute girls. I found out they were some girls my cousin tutored. Hallelujah. So, the DJ starts playing some music and I do what any dude would do in that situation and proceeded to the dance floor, introduced myself to these ladies. Then we got our dry hump on.

But my cousin is mad religious.

I can’t remember how it exactly happened but somehow they made us stop dancing and it just got awkward. So I bounced to go drink 40s with one of my homies from NY who was living out there at the time and then I threw up all over downtown LA from out the window on the way back to the hotel. Oh yeah, so later I found out that chick was the daughter of these Forever 21 owners. I could’ve married into retail royalty, bro. Really just dry humped my way to first place. Truthfully just bump and grinded my way to the finish line. Probably not. But maybe. But probably not. Point is, I’m still mad at my cousin because…


[via koream]

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