I’m happy about all the strides that we’ve been making recently as a community but I’m not going to go ahead and say ‘we made it’ or nothing like that until we got ourselves a couple of Winks (Asian version of a ‘wigga’). I know there are token white kids in some Asian cliques and then there are white people who just fux with Asian culture heavy, which is great (oftentimes dudes know more than I do about my own people’s history). But I’m talking about dudes who actually try to talk like us, walk like us, and look into the mirror and really see slanted visionz of troof.

But, yo. Is that even possible?

In a nice little instance of random internetz colliding to unfold a message from the universe, I was reading this great article on Grantland about Jeremy Lin while simultaneously going through clips like this:

The author of the article talks about “filling the vacant parts” of his identity with hip hop, something that was probably (might be might be) part of my upbringing as well. And I remember always getting shit for it. “Why do you think you’re black?” or “you think you’re a thug?”. All the while, other Asian kids who adopted what I felt at the time to be “white” traits like wearing flip flops with cargo pants and throwing frisbees while juggling hackey sacks with their toe (turned out it was just a ‘bro’ thing) never had to defend their lifestyle choices. Whatevz. I understand ya’ll had little bits of racism ingrained in you via society, all is forgiven. What I really mean to point out is the fact that we had to choose sides, or we were going to be that Asian kid who always came in with the bowl haircut and the sweatpants.

But he didn’t give a fuck. Kept it mad real and stored hella games into his scientific calculator. But is he the true Asian American or is it all us hybrids who chose to sprinkle a little salt or pepper into our lives?

Maybe the ‘winks’ will decide for us.

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  • DokkiB

    it’s hard to use the word “true” because the state of As Am affairs are constantly in-flux

    it seems like in every wide category of people, there’s a major-appeal group, and then, people who are different than the rest – those who won’t quite fit in you know?!