This might be one of the saddest stories you’ll read in a while. Or one of the dumbest. Two Indian women have been cleaning toilets for the last 40 years without a day off, and have accumulated only about 100 dollars. No, they don’t ball out every pay day like you do at the clubs. It’s just a messed up situation right here.

After scrubbing toilets in southern India for 40 years, without taking a day off, they managed to save close to only US$103 each. That’s an average of just US$3 a year.

Both 59 years old, Akku and Leela started working at the Government’s Women Teacher’s Training Institute in 1971. Their salary started at 15 rupees a month, and it never changed.

Okay, don’t feel too bad about complaining about your own salaries because you’re probably in a better part of the world with better situations, so you sometimes got the right to complain about what you deserve (personal pet peeve when people try to put that on you, chill!). With that said, gain some perspective off this. THREE DOLLARS A YEAR, YO!? I SPENT THREE DOLLARS ON A SMALL BOTTLE OF ORANGE JUICE YESTERDAY! (Normally, I wouldn’t have paid that but they told me the price afterwards, and I was holding up the line, what a scam!). Anyway, there’s more outrage to be had:

Finally, in 2001, they raised their complaints with the Karnataka Administrative Tribunal, in Udupi, India. Without proper notice, their pay was suddenly stopped. This did not stop Akku and Leela, however. They continued cleaning toilets, three times a day, seven days a week, for 11 years — for free.

In 2003, the Karnataka Administrative Tribunal ordered the government to give the two women their dues. However, not a single rupee was given to them.

That’s fucked up! But now I’m thinking, why work 11 years for free? Was it plain diligence or like a squeegee man situation where the bum comes to your car window and washes the shit expecting a tip, but you’re like, nah man, I never asked for this shit. EITHER WAY, I hope they get some money for their troubles because they seem like nice ol’ grandmas. They applied to the Guiness Book of World Records hoping to get some publicity, and I’m almost certain they’ll hold that record for lowest paid workers. Has to be. Smh.

[via weirdasianews]