I remember when Drake told some interviewer he was spending his money on showers and everybody laughed. That shit wasn’t funny to me. I know exactly where he’s coming from with that. Nothing like having an ill shower or bathtub set because that shit is like a real integral part to your day/night, shit, with these overflow bathtubs, it would be middle of the day too. Shit is beautiful, man.

Water drips into the pools in the line from a nice little fountain. Each tub is recessed into the floor, with water endlessly flooding over the sides into a surrounding basin. Sounds like what it would be like to bathe in a fresh water pond. There are six different relaxingly named styles—Chi, Float, Lake, Oriental, Pond, and Wish. They should just call them all Zen and be done with it..






You can get yours at Kasch.

[via gizmodo via hiconsumption]

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