We’ve seen a lot of chacks try their hand at DJing but this is new. Yumi Doll is a model and rapper on the battle circuit. Word? According to the youtube page, this clip is from the “Shaka to Da Neck” MC Battles out in Hawaii about five months ago.

Okay, okay, shit was aiight, shit was aiight. I’m not going to go ahead and say she’s the next Lil Kim, but it’s a rare sight to see a chack do the battle thing. The last one I saw was between Lady Luck and Reese Steele a couple years back. Now that shit went hord! Before that, I remember seeing a dude battle a girl before, up in the Bronx. He really gave it to her and then she tried to cut him. So it’s cool seeing a chack able to take it as well as she dishes it out.

[via grindtimenow]

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