Is tredecuple the right terminology? I looked it up on Yahoo! Answers. More importantly, this freaks me out man. I know we’ve all seen our fair share of before and after make up/plastic surgery photos but cot damn. She’s like the Ethan Hunt of Asian night life. 13 different disguises! Michelle Phan has nothing on this chack.

On some real shit, a chack like this has to hate guys. Let’s not kid ourselves, she’s really plain (I was about to use ‘pretty’ instead of ‘really’ but I didn’t want to confuse you). So, she must know better than anyone how differently men treat women based on their looks. And then to know deep down, the dude would never want to be with the real you. Seriously gotta be a total mind fuck. Especially, since this chack is probably a smart girl and self-aware because only pretty girls can afford to be clueless.

Anyway, holy shit, bro.


[via asiantown]

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  • http://Website Christine

    That’s not the same girl. She can alter everything but the nose isn’t the same! No amount of makeup is going to change a flat nose into a nice pointy one.

  • Dave

    Nah, peep the birthmarks and same lips.

  • http://Website The Mad Rapper

    All you need is photoshop. Always look mad sad on the before pic hah!

  • http://Website Linda

    The power of make-up, lol