You ever want to just get paid to eat?

The latest Internet trend in South Korea is something called Mokbang (food+broadcast). Folks tune into a live stream of somebody eating dinner. Now why would anybody do something like that? Honestly, as a fan of shows like Man vs Food, I can see the appeal. There’s something about watching other people happily eating that brings a joy, especially when the ‘host’ of the show got personality.

The Diva is one of the most popular out of the dinner porn celebs aka “broadcast jockeys” and she can EAT yo.

Sometimes in an evening, The Diva will scarf down two medium pizzas. Other nights, it’s thirty fried eggs and a box of crab legs or five packets of instant noodles. Then, there was the night she ate twelve beef patties, twelve fried eggs, three servings of spicy pork kimchi soup and a salad.

Damnnnnnnn! To disprove accusations that she probably yakks it all out, she sticks around for an hour or two to chat with her audience about whatevz. Okay, okay, the money though, how does she make money? Most of these livestreams go down on Afreeca TV, a peer-to-peer online video network where viewers can buy an online currency to give to their favorite streamer to show thanks.

So, who’s going to be the first to set it off in the states?

[via kotaku]

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