Sometimes you gotta buy more than one of something. I’ll go to the store and pick up like two boxes of Special K cereal because I run through that shit because I love it. I also read an article  that recommended copping an extra pair of clothing if you find the perfect fit because they’re hard to come by. But yo, how do you explain purchasing 699 copies of The Beatles The White Album. Yeah, that shit’s a classic, but c’mon son.

Well, that’s what artist Rutherford Chang did for the past seven years (first edition pressings only). And you know he’s going to keep on doing it. Collecting is like a drug.

Chang says he is drawn to the album because of artist Richard Hamilton’s iconic white, nearly featureless cover design—the cover visibly displays age and weathering, and in some cases the artistic alterations of the album’s former owner.

Chang’s collection, currently numbering 699 copies, is on display at his installation “We Buy White Albums,” at Recess gallery in New York City.

The installation resembles a record store, complete with bins organized by serial number, and Chang is on site to buy (but never sell) copies of The White Album.

You know what, that’s actually pretty cool. Over the years, that album cover has been treated like a canvas or time capsule, capturing the times (you seen peace signs drawn on ’em) or time itself (aged yellowness). Okay bro, I fux with it.

In addition, he is recording albums in his collection and digitally layering them into scratchy compilations—here’s 100 copies played simultaneously.

Okay, you lost me again with that last bit.


[via laughingsquid]

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