Remember in the movies when the heroes/heroines have their back against the wall and a gang of henchmen, zombies, aliens, or other evil/sinister villains are lurking towards their demise. The only way out is to battle these fools if they want to survive. And miraculously our heroes/heroines end up on top. That’s how I imagine it would go down while watching the video.

In this Japanese TV show, three expert fencers put their dexterity and accuracy to the test against 50 opponents. Obviously, this is not your standard straight line fencing match where one shuffles a step and the other shuffles back to parry or needle the opponent’s entire chest. The only two exceptions are that they are at a somewhat large public (slippery) area and the objectives for both the experts and novices:

the aim of expert and amateur alike is to puncture a balloon on their opponent’s chest.

The expert fencers ¬†are so clutch when they burst their opponent’s balloon at the slightest window of opportunity. Some of the novices are mindless in the beginning and they get shook mad quick without a moment to react. However, as the crowd of novices die down they start to work together to fight off the experts. And that gets interesting.¬†Check out the video:


[via io9]

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    This looks like a lot of fun.