A father in Beijing chained his child to a pole. Now before you start looking up numbers for international child services and all that, the man only did it because of the rampant child-snatching going on in these poverty-stricken areas.

Chen Chuanliu is an unlicensed rickshaw driver in the city of Beijing who felt the most secure way to keep his two-year old son Lao Lu from being abducted is to chain him to a lamp post with a thick chain and padlock. A month prior his four-year old sister was abducted, a grim reminder of the prevalence of child abduction in China.


“My wife cannot take care of him and I have to work to support my family. So I chain him to a pole when I have a fare. I don’t even have a picture of my daughter to use for a missing-person poster. I cannot lose my son as well.”

I don’t really want to post too many of these kinds of depressing stories, but cot damn, this is real life for some people. My fellow Americans (and you with the laptop and internet connection), we’re living in a wonderland.

[via weirdasianews]

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