This new game coming out of Japan looks nuts! From the trailer, you can play as dogs, boars, elephants, lions, and I even seen a pack of tiny duckling trying to make it out alive. Here’s the official description from Sony:

Tokyo Jungle puts you in the shoes (paws?) of over 50 playable animals ranging from Pomeranians to Lions. Playing your animal of choice, unleash your inner beast to hunt your way to the top of Tokyo’s post-apocalyptic food chain.

There are two game modes: in Story Mode, you’ll play as a range of different animals whose lives are intertwined as they struggle to survive in the Tokyo wilderness, while unraveling the mystery of mankind’s disappearance. In Survival Mode, you will hunt, occupy territories, and produce offspring to secure future generations and resist extinction. As you progress, you’ll also obtain survival points to unlock playable animals and purchase costumes to increase your abilities.

You can get your hands on this digitally on September 25 on the PS3 for $15.

[via kotaku]

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