It’s crazy because I was just thinking about how Tony Jaa kind of faded into obscurity for a bit. He should really be up there with the Jet Li’s and Jackie Chan’s, and to a lot of people he is. But I think him not speaking English in his movies is holding him back from being great. Well, now we’ll be able to see if my theory is right as he will be taking his first english-speaking role on the new Fast and Furious flick. There’s no confirmation if he’ll be doing any muy thai as his exact role is unconfirmed but you know whatever he does, there’s going to be that Ong Bak intensity even if he crushes you with his spirit through simple eye contact. NAHMEAN?

Also this:

I think he makes an awesome addition to the series. When asked if he was looking forward mixing it up with Diesel or Johnson, and more importantly, who would win in a fight, Jaa was diplomatic: “Having a chance to work with Vin Diesel and The Rock already makes me a winner.” All right.

Good question. Tony Jaa will fuck most people up but you know The Rock is ready for war and Vin Diesel look like he been hella street fights. What do ya’ll think? It’s like one of those classic fighting video game matchups, speed vs brute strength. Maaaaaaan, fuck this movie. I wanna see THAT shit.

[via angryasianman]