Have you heard? Barack Obama is president for four more years! Are you surprised? Don’t front, that election had your adrenaline pumping. They was really cutting it close on some 50/50 shit. But after they announced it, everybody on my timeline just busted out with the best commentary. Here are some tweets from last night.

(Editor’s note: My wordpress is being an asshole and won’t display the tweets. Anybody know how to troubleshoot this? It was working a minute ago. Sigh For now, just copy paste links, I guess… smh)

Comedian/Actor Aziz Ansari

Writer/Wall Street Journal Columnist Jeff Yang

Writer/Mnet’s The Stitch David Yi

Hot 97 Radio Personality Miss Info

GUMSHIP writer Steve Lebron

Rapper Decipher

Rapper Dumbfoundead

Complex Writer Jian Deleon

Journalist/Model Aja Dang

You Offend Me You Offend My Family Blog

Angry Asian Man‘s Phil Yu

The Almighty Horse_ebooks Twitter

Who had the best tweet? Are we missing any choice quotes? Hit us up at @GUMSHIP.