This ad is racist. No denying it. But I tried it and couldn’t help cracking up. Fuck…

A Ukranian travel agency has commenced a campaign to encourage travel to Asia with the slogan, “See Asians Like Asians Do.” The above poster – from Multipass, and created by Kiev advertising agency Tabasco – finds various folks demonstrating exactly what this entails: the ol’ “slanted eyes” gesture previously thought to be largely frowned upon as racist

1. Do this


2) Then read this:

I’m pretty sure they knew this shit was wrong but figured the ‘wow’ factor was worth it.

[via egotripland via buzzfeed]

  • http://Website Jeremy

    The part that they don’t get is that not all Asians have slanted eyes. Dumbasses. Slanted is fine!

    If I get rich I’m goin’ to Ukraine to stick it in they women’s asses and make them cry. That is what I would do.

  • Dave

    ^ HAHA because of course, rape > racist jokes?