Our favorite cosplayer, Vampy, is always working on some new shit. Her latest project is on some autobiographical shit told through her passion for cosmetics.The tagline being: the tales of my life through my lipstick. Here’s a small excerpt:

I took this as a young girl as, not just getting “dolled up” or becoming “attractive” or to impress men, I was much too young for that, it was more so learning that it was exactly an art. An empowering woman who knows what she is doing, and how she wants to look. I soon after related it to like how my Father would when he picked out his tie for work, or his fedora he wanted to match with his flannel coat.

Might not seem like it but damn, I’m a sucker for people just honoring their parents. At any rate, I’m interested to read more. Check out the blog here.


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    dam she hella fly

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