Linda’s in a new clip for ioFX doing the Minority Report/Iron Man thing and it looks TUBULAR! Son, when the last time you heard that word? I had to because this shit is so futuristic, only retro slang is appropriate. But yo, what is ioFX exactly?

“Fusion’s ioMemory products have helped Pixomondo not only meet tight deadlines, but also explore new ideas and approaches that otherwise might never have been possible because of the time it would take to make changes and new effects,” said Ben Grossmann, Visual Effects Supervisor at Pixomondo and 2012 Academy Award® Winner for Best Achievement in Visual Effects. “Pixomondo used ioMemory during our work on ‘Hugo.’ It’s incredibly liberating to know you don’t have to wait anymore to see how an effect might look. As a new memory tier for accelerating our workstations, Fusion-io’s technology unlocked the potential of our tools and our creativity.”

In other words, it lets you preview effects instead of waiting infinity for things to render only to find out you done goofed!?