I just peeped this article over at Hyphen and my fist involuntarily started pumping in the air. MILF! MILF! MILF! MILF! I’m sure the author won’t appreciate that but I mean it with the utmost respect. These parties look poppin’ and it just opened up mad possibilities for the middle aged immigrant parentals. Who says they have to wither away after raising us? LOL. I’m sure not every Vietnamese housewife is on this shit and maybe it’s a new thing but I hope it spreads to the more conservative folk. I can handle the ’embarrassment’ if my parents are having fun. What do ya’ll think?

After I made some disapproving remarks on the length of her dress or the absurdity of her eye makeup, she asked me about school, if she should make my favorite crab soup the next time I came home, how she wished my brother would call more often. And then I remembered whom I was talking to: this person who had put up with me all my life, this woman I have always looked up to and do still.

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    You can sure guess a person’s personality by the way they dress. Gothic, see through clothing is definitely not suitable for late forty something women. The author was too nice to mention that one of those women in the picture also engaged in heavy cheating while her hubby is at work, wrecked people’s family, lived in mountain of lies and deceit . What kind of role model is this woman trying to teach her children? Yet, there are decently dressed people in this group and they are indeed great moms. Did you guess which one??? There is a famous saying “One bad worm can really ruin the whole bowl of soup.” Yes, I want to reassure you that NOT EVERY Vietnamese housewife is like this!!! We have better things to do for the community.

  • Dave

    ^ lol which one was it?

  • http://Website J. Nguyen

    Here are more clues to confirm your guess: Gothic and see through sexy clothing, heavy makeup, fake eye contacts…etc. Which one would you be embarrassed to bring home to show your mom? One look at her and she would say ” common son, hmm…exercises three hours a day, shopping, gossiping with married man, cheating …she would run you poor and people would laugh behind your back. You are smarter than that son.”
    I just can’t hide my thoughts to defend the integrity of many good Vietnamese women and I am not afraid to expose the worst in our community. I just hope that one day this woman would wake up and realizes, hmm…I am 70 years old now, I don’t have my look anymore, I can’t party, I can’t shop, I can’t gossip, no one to cheat with… what there for me to do?
    LOL , a friend of mine sent me a link to this website and told me that “the mistress of your EX is in the pictures of this article. So everything that you told me were true. How embarrassing.” I told her that not all the women in these pictures are like that. They are truly very good moms and great wives believe me. There are always the good and the bad women in every society. As far as the identity of who she is, only the people who knew her and me personally would know exactly who she is. They all witnessed the destruction that she caused to my family; especially to my children. It’s funny that all her friends embraced her and acted like they don’t know anything in front of her. How naive that she still thinks that she could fool everyone around her. She might live her entire life in denial of her wicked, heartless and selfish actions to satisfy her pleasures, but in the end, she can never deceive GOD. Good luck with your guess Dave.