No, it’s not the phenomenon on a Gangnam Style level – but then again, what is? – but the online reality show K-Town made an impression on us earlier this year with its first season. The collection of fifteen minute episodes followed the cast around Koreatown in downtown Los Angeles, one of the standouts from the group was Violet Kim, who some call the Snooki of K-Town (for the record, she disagrees).

Here, Violet sets the record straight about common misconceptions people have, what happened between her and Jowe, and whether or not “size matters”. On the flipside, she opens up about juggling being a mom and starring in a reality show. Hate her or love her, just don’t get it twisted.

Interview has been edited and condensed

  • mike ahuja

    really good read ….keep up the good work violet

    • Violet

      thank you!