Wes Anderson is probably my favorite filmmaker right now. So I want all these joints featured in the “Bad Dads” tribute. I looked through and found that there are a bunch of Asian artists involved as well, including Jasper Wong, Andy Kehoe, Jing Wei, Helice Wen, MandyTsung, and Tiffany Liu. Great, great work folks.

Bad Dads” features over one hundred pieces of art from an international roster of artists including notables Andy Kehoe, Caia Koopman, Blaine Fontana, Sarah Joncas, Jonathan Bergeron (Johnny Crap), Max Dalton, Tim Doyle and many, many more. With works ranging from sculpture to plush to painting to limited edition prints, “Bad Dads”is as diverse, creative and inspiring as Anderson’s own films.
The exhibit is now showing at Spoke Art San Francisco, where it will be on view until November 24th. View the original works from the show here – – and limited edition prints from the show here –

Tiffany Liu

Mandy Tsung

Andy Kehoe

Jing Wei

Helice Wen

Jasper Wong

[via insidetherockposterframe]