You ever think about what the next man job salary is like? What about the dudes in your own industry? Of course, you do, whether it’s out of paranoia of not getting what you feel you deserve or a need to feel those ‘I’m hella paid’ vibes!

Nathan Yau at Flowcharts created this nifty little guide that breaks down virtually every job in America by category and even included a tool to highlight median salaries. Also, they do breakdowns by state and the graph changes to reflect what industry is most popular. Very cool stuff.

The flick above is what it looks like but in order to acccess the data, you need to check it out here.

Most of these don’t come as a surprise though. Btw, I peeped the writers and editors category ($69k)… I’m fucking up. ‘Bout to find an opportunity to speak to the youth somewhere at some panel and tell ’em it ain’t about the money with tears streaming down the inside of my face….. Anyway, enjoy.

[via io9]