You read that right. There are thousands of people (up to 70,000 so far) playing on the same game of Pokemon. 

A live chat stream site Twitch, is giving everyone the opportunity to control the game through word commands. They’re calling it a ‘social experiment’ but this shit is hell. 

To keep up with what’s going on, a google doc has been created. Major developments so far:

– People keep typing in START and accessing the item bag through random selection, consulting the HELIX FOSSIL as a result. This item is useless unless you’re trying to revive an ancient fossil pokemon but since it’s frequent appearance, players put it on the pedestal and now it is currently being treated as a HOLY DEITY.

– An SS ANNE TICKET is also being pedestialized as it was being accessed at the same rate when the HELIX FOSSIL was momentarily stored in the PC.

– They evolved an EEVEE into a FLAREON instead of the VAPOREON they needed. Thus collectively declaring the FLAREON the “FALSE PROPHET”.

– It took HOURS to get passed an area with LEDGES because trolls kept pushing down.

– It also took HOURS to cut a tree standing in the way.

– They have FOUR BADGES

– Team Consists of an ODDISH, RATTATA, DUX, and a PIDGEOT. They released their CHARMANDER and a RATTATA.

– Since yesterday, the word commands have evolved from actual word commands to an ongoing vote for either DEMOCRACY or ANARCHY.

Obviously this is the best and worst thing to ever happen all set to the tune of that now psychotic-sounding music. Ugh, enjoy some fan art that you can find on a Tumblr search for ‘twitchplayspokemon’.







[via kotaku]

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