Yo honestly, I could give a fux about no Yu Darvish, even though he is arguably the best Japanese baseball player in the game. Asuka Kirara was reigning champ JAV star in my book, for a long time. She kind of fell off in recent years, but I still got a soft spot in my heart (opposite in my pants) for her.

Adult video actress Kirara Asuka captivated a press corps on Sunday by not outright denying the existence of a relationship with pitcher Yu Darvish during an event held in Akihabara for the release of the film “Futari Ecchi the Movie 2 — Second Kiss,” reports Yukan Fuji (Feb. 6).

Asuka, 23, was linked to the Texas Rangers 25-year-old right-handed hurler in an article published in Shukan Jitsuwa (Feb. 16). The article refers to an ongoing dialog between the two on Twitter (Yu Darvish, Kirara Asuka).

Yeah, man. If this guy seen the same movies I’ve seen, something definitely went down. Lucky.

[via asianjunkie and tokyoreporter]

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