Many girls grow up dreaming about the man of their dreams and how the proposal is going to go down. I’m sure convention booth babes are no different. This is how her proposal went down.

At the recent China Joy gaming expo in Shanghai, a young man in mirrored sunglasses stormed the stage with a bouquet of roses that were made from 100 yuan bills. He presented the roses to a booth companion and confessed his love to her. She didn’t exactly seem pleased and neither did show security.

The man, who’s been dubbed “Rich Brother” online in China, apparently had a crush on the booth companion at the Uuzu pavilion. When he suddenly took to the stage, he got down on one knee to present the money bouquet—which looks to be around 2,000 yuan (US$320)—to the booth companion. Dudes in black shirts appeared and then removed the man from the stage, so he could, presumably, confess to authorities.

Ah, unrequited love. I thought it was a nice gesture. EL OH EL.




[via kotaku]