Every day I’m on these internetz, encountering all kinds of random characters doing random shit and I have to make conscious decisions about whether I’m laughing AT someone or laughing with them. I didn’t have to make that call here. This is clearly awesome and heartbreakingly beautiful but abundant strength is also very much permeates the air like rocks during Saiyan charge up sesh. I even believe I got out my chair at one point and sang along to the chorus. Man, fuck it, I definitely did that. And of course, I know it. CHA LA, HEAD CHA LA~ that shit was the national anthem for Asian kids.

[youtube id=”TVBpeyCNXl8″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

I’m even going to put all the shit from the youtube info box right here so he could go forth and be great:

Buy a signed album at, or download from iTunes:…
Charlie Parra Del Riego on guitars:
My Facebook Profile:
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I hope you like this video and consider sharing it with your friends. Rock on! \m/ (Mastered by Gisha Djordjevic)

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