Samuel Michael Hendrickson explains why he’d hate to be Asian, mad enlightening stuff yo!

Yeah, nah.

Whenever we come across a comedy video about Asians, we try to figure out one or two things, is it funny or is it true? This latest video? Nah and nah. So, this doesn’t get a pass from us. More importantly, it probably won’t get a pass from future employers and he may even get expelled over this as the internetz have rallied to contact the dean of his school (Indiana University), which is of course, hilarious.

Real talk though, I don’t think he’s truly racist but what pisses me off is having to see another reminder that there are mad people out there who still find these stereotypes/generalizations really funny. Like, you know dude really sat at his little desk at work/school thinking up this list, with a self-satisfied smirk on his face like, ‘and then, i’m going to follow that up with the chink eyes thing because when you smoke weed your eyes get small and their eyes are already small HAHAHA damn, I might legitimately be the next Jerry Seinfeld’. #cmonson

I also seen the comments on his Facebook and it seems like all his friends are showing their true colors by mocking the offended Asian people (replacing their l’s with r’s among other things) and trying to reason with them with questions like ‘don’t you make fun of other races when you’re alone with your friends?’. Dudes is really sayin’ that last bit with a straight face though.¬†Samuel Michael Hendrickson and his crew setting white people back!

[via angryasianman]

  • Guy

    This guy kind of looks Asian.

  • Blazelz

    White people don’t look the same that’s why Elijah Wood is Harry Potter.

    Still….Why ya gotta blur the porn doe??