I first saw the Buckwheat Groats bugging out in McDonald’s franchises for “Million Dollar Menu” and thought they were pretty funny with the comedic hipster raps. For their latest song, they go to Asia for “Swag Like an Asian”.

Uh oh.

Honestly… I’m really not mad at this. Yeah, there’s a couple of offensive visuals and lines in it (which I’m sure somebody else will take ’em to task over), but they didn’t use the same tired old Asian references and instead of making Asians the butt of their jokes, they use the references as metaphors to talk about their own weed connoisseur lifestyles, etc. Yo, I’m going to give them a pass! What do ya’ll think?

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  • fairness09

    I made my comment on that video under “frozenlychee”. Read it and give it some thought.

    By the way, I’m wondering if that’s Danielle Yu in A-Style at 1:53 ….

    • Swagasaurus

      You had a ~10 comment long argument with someone over a youtube video. Lighten up, dork.

      It’s comedy. I laughed. The beat is actually pretty good. Pass.

      • fairness09

        If I wanted a hearty laugh, I’ll just read David Rek Lee’s writing here on Gumship. A single line from him can be funnier than all the lines of their entire song combined.

        I actually gave their video a mental pass already. The “so icy Kristy Yamaguchi man” line did it for me. I think it was
        supposed to double-sound as “Yama-Gucci Mane” which I thought was kind
        of neat.

        I just argue on there because….

  • Connie

    I actually thought it was really clever and funny. I let em pass too! Plus, we look cool as hell. I’m proud to have my azn swagger 😉

  • Saptarshi

    I love it, the Groats are nasty