Who’s That Girl: J.Reyez, Tommy C, JimmyBoi, Jargon – “Bad One”

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This is where we track down ‘that girl’ in that music video and ask her questions related to the clip. But first, here’s the video.

Song: “Bad One”
Artist: J.Reyez, Tommy C, JimmyBoi, Jargon
Directed by: J.Reyez

Brittany Murata

In the video, you’re seen passing dude in the hallway and glancing back at him. What made you do a double take?

The double take was purely due to me showing him up! I had two large Gucci bags in my hands like I straight let him know what was really good. Stuntin on him! His reaction was hilarious! I have to admit women do the double take as much as men! Fact.

In one outfit change, you’re rocking a necklace made out of bullets and some of the most dangerously sharp stillettos I ever seen. Is that your usual style?

My usual style and swag, yes! I like to dress to impress! Not for extra attention but only because thats how I Iike dressing. Video shoots are perfect for showcasing individual style! When its called for, I show up! When I’m not making appearances, I’m a workout gear type chick. I used to personal train a lot so being in athletic wear was a daily thing for me anyway. It’s a clean look and still shows for the physique.
Photograph by Isaac Joel Torres

What is the the male version of a ‘bad chick’? You know, the ideal dude. What do you call them amongst your homegirls? Also, what is the first tell-tale sign you found one?

(laughs) Most of the names aren’t nice, let’s put it that way! Off the record, we call them bosses! You gotta be a boss to get a bad chick! He has his life together and can hold it down when need be. A man not a boy! That would be the first tell-tale, I guess you could say. You gotta know how to pick them out like weeds.

What can the ladies out there do to be a bad chick?

Honestly, I feel like everyone has their own definition of a “bad chick” here’s mine, independence is key, no man wants to be with a clingy chick who doesnt have her own life as well. Although, being too busy with your life can come off as uninterested and not having enough time for him. I’ve hit this issue more times than I’d like to admit. Its all about balance! Be sure to have confidence, I know it’s difficult being a female and as much as we should all join together… sadly, we dont! So find the line between confidence and bitchassness! Cause just being a female doesn’t mean you need to be a bitch to everyone. There’s a time and place for everything!

Along with what I said about having a life, this doesnt mean you need to be working as a CEO of a company but make your own money! Don’t find a rich guy to take care of you! If you want something go out and work hard for it! This is also coming from a girl that does nothing but work constantly. Don’t rely on men for anything! Live your life! Focus on your career as well! Just because you’re with someone doesnt mean you have to give up your life and hopes and dreams for them! I know too many women who made this mistake and aren’t happy to this day. Having the total package will without a doubt put you on a bad chick level! Time to do work!
Photograph by Calvin
How was it working with the rappers and video production team?

It was a great experience. We all had a sick time and got along really well. Lots of jokes being passed around! Jargon was freaking out until all the models including me, last one on set, showed up. Guess theres a problem with Chicago “models” showing up to shoot. That’s such a bad look. I hate when other “models” make real models look bad but then again thats just another reason to prove myself!

Any behind the scenes stories from the shoot?

Yeah actually, we shot in the Trump Hotel and wasnt suppose too! Made it hella exciting and that was my scene with the shopping bags and Jimmy Boi! We nailed it the first time! Flawless, its nice working with people who know how to get the best shot!

what’s next for you?

Im going to LA next month and hoping to relocate out there as soon as possible. Other than that you’ll still see me doin’ the local Chicago scene! Feel free to check out my other links and keep up with me! I just want to thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me more and I appreciate the opportunity! And to all my supporters please feel free to contact me on one of my sites with any questions about anything you may have. I love helping everyone out with life or even modeling etc! Much love and thanks again.
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