One thing you have to understand about Japan is that they have pornos for everything. Apparently, the real college student genre is among the most popular and it can sell more than famous AV stars with the flawless bodies. So when a studio announced it would be featuring a Tokyo University (the Harvard of Japan) student, the internets was abuzz and netizens actually discovered she was a Kyoto student.

All that is interesting and scandalous but what really bugged me out about the article was the little gems all the JAV experts were dropping about what motivates these chacks.

“University girls who appear in AV do not do it for financial reasons, but that is what people assume” says AV writer Takehiko Sawaki. “From the start, these types of gals have no concept of what AV is about. So they will believe that nobody will ever see them and figure out their true identities.”

Background also plays a role, claims the writer: “These girls are always studying, they are serious, they do not socialize, and AV can be a way to make a change. Therefore, if they get scouted to appear, they might listen.”

They even brought a neurology specialist in to break the shit down.

Dr. Kimihiro Yoneyama, a neurology specialist, tells Shukan Post that hormones are a factor in a woman’s desire for performing in AV.

“Like career women, girls in the ‘highly educated female’ genre live a continuously competitive lifestyle,” says the doctor. “This in turn stimulates the production of the male hormone testosterone. The result is a strong sexual desire. An intelligent woman could conceivably be more her receptive to any kind of sex.”

Bugged out if this is all true and accurate. Maybe they should show a PSA at college orientation? But, all in all, #cmonson.

[via tokyoreporter]

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