This past Sunday, 14-year old Lydia Ko won the New South Wales Open in Sydney, Australia. That makes her the youngest winner of a professional golf tournament. Following the win, The Economist decided to break down why Korean women are so good at Golf:

My theory, for what it’s worth, is that three forces are at work. First, Korea’s lack of space means that golfers start off hitting balls at a driving range instead of playing a proper course. This means they hit a heck of a lot of balls. (A proper round of golf consists mostly of walking between shots, which is not good practice for anything.)

Second, Korean culture stresses constant repetition in pursuit of perfection. That’s how calligraphers and taekwondo masters train. It’s also a good way to develop a reliable golf swing.

Third, Koreans have a tendency to follow trends. Before 1998, when Ms Pak won the US Women’s Open and became a national heroine, not many Korean women played golf. Immediately afterwards, legions of Korean girls took up the game. Within a decade, they were dominating it.

Ha! What do you think?

[via koream and economist]

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    that probably means Korean girls should be good at a couple of other things as well…