A refreshing cup of Noody Light


A refreshing cup of Noody Light

Sometimes adding ice to hot liquids makes them even better, like iced coffee. But what would happen if you added ice to ramen? Apparently, it tastes pretty good and those crazy Japanese are eating it by the cupful because of power shortages this summer caused by the Fukushima disaster. Those power shortages mean less air conditioning, and oh balls is it hot in the summer in Japan.

Making the unusual noodle soup is pretty simple: fill the cup up to the line with boiling water, like every other Cup of Noodles you’ve ever made, but instead of eating it after three minutes, you add ice. Supposedly, the ice makes the noodles pleasantly chewy and the overall taste less salty.

That doesn’t stop the whole package from being a bit ridiculous: the advertising looks like it’s for a beer. It gets better–the name of the product is Cup of Noodles Light. (Brah, can you toss me a Noody Light?)

The line to get one starts in Japan.

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