My answer: uh nah.This happened a little while ago but I’m just hearing of it. 5-year-old Yide He from China, also known as DuoDuo, trained for three weeks and then he was in the air. This wasn’t like a driving instruction situation either. The little guy had control of a light aircraft and buzzed around the air without aid for over 30 minutes. Crazy.

But there’s a kinda fucked up layer under the whole thing.

The child’s father, Lieshing He, puts his son through some serious shit.

For many, such extremes in parenting are overboard: from having the child walk around a snowy New York City wearing only underpants and a pair of shoes to having him spend 15 hours on a climbing adventure up Mt. Fuji without an appropriate climbing outfit.

But Mr. He defended his parenting style, explaining that failures in the part of the child are a result of parents who are “non-persistent.”

Pretty wild.

This type of shit reminds me of those videos of kids in North Korea who can do insane flips and stunts while the kids over here are barely pulling off choreography that involves circular motions with their hands. Like, it’s truly amazing what humans are capable of. But on the flipside, if it’s making the child unhappy, that’s fucked up too. Nobody knows what’s up besides the boy and the father. We all know Asians can be pretty tough on their kids out of love. In the best case scenario, the kid is getting the major confidence boost through these feats and will become an actual real Most Interesting Man in the World. What do ya’ll think? All I know is I probably wouldn’t get in the plane with dude because flying sucks already and I don’t need that pressure in my life right now.

[via weirdasianews]

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