Aiight, I never saw the first Journey movie and I sure as hell wasn’t going to peep this one. But I changed my mind after seeing this trailer.

Was that the illest Samoan riding in a helicopter with illest Puerto Rican? Yes. The Rock and Luis Guzman! Also, Vanessa Hudgens is starting to look good as she blossoms into an actual human being. Highschool Musical was a while ago, folks. But yo, how come nobody told me she was part Filipino and Chinese?

Hudgens said that as a Filipino-American, she is honored to be one of the forefront actresses in Hollywood and she likes to stand up for “her people.”

Stand up for her people? Okay, I wanna hear some “putangina”‘s coming out her grill lol. Looks like she has another interesting project coming up as well:

She is working on a new movie called Spring Breakers with Selena Gomez and James Franco. Hudgens said she finally get to experience what college students do during spring break. And you will get to see how crazy girls get during spring break.

NOT MAD. Vanessa Hudgens you are officially on our radar. God bless you.

[via 8asians]