Asian female rappers. They exist, yo!

But if you peep the features in our Asian Hip Hop Week so far, you wouldn’t know that. But we aren’t the only ones to blame. I asked a couple of my homegirls who their favorite asian female rapper was and I got blank stares all around.

Maybe next year we’ll do a ‘Best Female Rappers’ list. But for now, I wanted to do something like an introduction.

So I came up with a list of female rappers who are putting themselves out there right now and I asked three of my homegirls, ‘yes or no, and why’ on some American Idol judges shit. And cot damn, I ain’t know I invited three Simon Cowells, they were brutally honest. But it’s all good, this is Hip Hop not Sanrio records and we always prefer the keep-it-real coalition! So check out the videos, peep what they had to say, and state your opinions in the comment section.

The panel:

Jessica Yuen (@bedfordstldry) – designer

Soo-Young Kim (@sooeypooey) – writer, editor

Ellie Lee (@yo_ell) – actress, on-screen personality

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Ever since this article went up, I’ve been seeing some criticism on the judges. First of all, I want to say that I picked three voices/opinions I value. I don’t agree with all of them, but they’re honest and I love them for it. As editor of the site, I can do that (lol). With that said, all three of these girls work within the music/entertainment industry in some shape or form and are in direct contact with a lot of major artists. Not about to name drop, but trust. They’re qualified to speak on this. But this article isn’t about that. It’s about exposing three people (and apparently many of you who’ve never heard of these artists) who wouldn’t normally seek out these rappers and getting their first impression. It might not be the best introduction for some of the artists but that wasn’t my plan (I had no idea what the outcome would be). We don’t play that support Asians blindly dickryder shit anyway. But don’t front like it’s all hate and they ain’t provide some insight or at least some hilarious commentary. Aiight, carry on.

  • Nicky

    Prolly going for Asian-American (yeah whatever Honey cocaine is from TO) but if youre someone who can listen to music just on musicality, emotion, flow etc check out Tasha and Kimmese


      Haven’t heard of Kimmese but Tasha is definitely one of the best to ever do it. But not only is she non-American, her spot is already solidified.

      • Jack Jones

        If he’s talking about Tasha Reid (Yoon Mi-Rae), she’s American but did it in the Korean mainstream market. Same thing with Jay Park and to a certain extent Shin-B. It’s hard enough that these are female rappers, let alone Asian too. I think just having a audience listen to their audio, without showing their faces or announcing that they were Asian, would have been a better way to evaluate them as rappers.

  • Nicky

    Oh, and wtf is with all these fucking next page things… I feel like I’m on BreacherReport
    This site ain’t bad at all


    Lol@the “judges”… Certainly pathetic criterias to base judgement on, except for ‘S’. Lol honey cocaine better than Rocky/Ruby.. I’m just gonna stop reading at page 5…

  • Louuie Thumperr

    Rocky Rivera I can listen to with no problem. Seems like 70 Percent of the girls on this list was made out of try hards , or want to be Honey Cocains or Nikki Minajs. Rocky is so far the only one that was able to keep up with her origianality. Should of maybe chose a different song from hers too. I don’t know about this list, but I personally feel Rocky took it.

    • Squinton

      the only judge who even remotely knows what shes talking about is Jessica. top 2 were ruby and rocky

  • Skitch

    Awkwafina: clearly a Mickey Avalon fan, right? …Right?

  • OhMightyMelo

    The issue with this article is entirely on the credibility of the judges. Just because you’ve had “contact with major artists” doesn’t make you an expert on hip hop and lyricism. If they wouldn’t normally seek out these artists, why should their opinion be of any significant substance? And what was the judging based upon, one video? If these self entitled judges listened with more intent they would know some of these artist rap about real issues, and are not looking to impress you with meaningless flow. Also, many of the comments themselves lacked substance. The comments on the first artist were all based on her not sounding Asian enough, whatever that means. And the artist with the highest praise’s lyrics consisted of saying “bitch” every other word?!? And you harshly judged Ruby’s lyrics?

    Not impressed.


      first off, thanks for checking out the article. appreciate your feedback. let me answer your questions:

      “just because you’ve had “contact with major artists” doesn’t make you an expert on hip hop and lyricism”

      First of all, the criteria for judges were girls with good taste who have some credentials. Of course, the first part is subjective and obviously you don’t agree but as somebody who’s written for all the major hip hop outlets (xxl, source, vibe, hiphopdx), I believe they’re open-minded and they didn’t come in this looking to hate…

      “If they wouldn’t normally seek out these artists….”

      Following the last bit, that was the point of this. I didn’t need the opinion of Asian rap experts. I wanted a “fresh” look. Most artists who don’t usually get coverage beyond the asian media sites would appreciate feedback from those eyes, especially from voices that I assume would naturally be their target audience
      (asian women). If they don’t, #kanyeshrug.

      “And what was the judgment based upon, one video?”

      Yes, one video. The music and a visual to go along with it. I think that’s more than fair. I tried to pick either their most recent video or most viewed.

      “…real issues, and are not looking to impress you with meaningless flow…”

      Eh. They’re making music. Whether they have a concept or just spitting bars, it’s all fair game.

      “…many of the comments lacked substance…”

      I disagree. It was short and to the point. Also, I wanted them to give their gut reaction like someone who just came across the video.. I asked would you listen to this rapper or not ‘on some American Idol shit’, I don’t remember promising any deep analysis in the intro.

      “…not sounding Asian enough…”

      Hey, if that’s what stuck out to them and that’s how they felt…

      “And the artist with the highest praise’s lyrics consisted of saying “bitch” every other word?!?”

      What’s wrong with that again? I have more issue with her dropping n bombs. But that’s a whole different story.

      Anyway, again, thanks for checking out the article. I see where you’re coming from, hopefully now you see where I’m coming from. I’m glad to see that you and many others felt strongly enough about these artists to react and hopefully you will continue to support them.

  • TeethB

    i don’t even think the commentators knew what they were saying 90% of the time. it just seemed like a bunch of bias BS that they were typin…

  • Krissy

    Don’t mean to sound biased here, but I’ve always liked Rocky’s whole vibe. No gimmicks needed to get her point across & she keeps it real (Or as the cool kids say these days “keeps it one-hunnit” LOL). Her flow is smooth & her delivery is strong without having to go through the entire slanguage of curse-words.

    Ruby Ibarra is cool too, but I feel like she’s got a long way to go. Her voice is sick though, and she comes off as one of those tough chicks, and I dig it.

    Lastly, yall PUT ME ON to Masia One. Idk what one of the judges was talkin about with that “is she jamaican” comment, but that brief, rastafarian accent shit reminded me of Denizen Kane (one of my favs btw) it initially threw me OFF, but was so dope. I definitely gotta look into her material.

    Those were my top 3. Solid list though, with the variety & massively different styles. Some weren’t my “cup of tea” but I still respect their grind (ok, well, with the exception of one………)


      Haha right on!

  • Elijah Bilotta

    Do a follow up post on Kpop female rappers like Juni J

  • CLizDaBest

    Check out CL’s The Baddest Female! She’s part of a internationally popular Korean group 2NE1.