Our friend Ellie dropped another video called “Asian Un-stereotypical & Stereotypical Chicks” but I’m going to go ahead and edit the title to Nerdy Chack vs Ditzy Chack. El did her thing and she always cracks me up with her spot on impressions, but it also made me think about who I’d rather go on a date with. I love a smart girl who is smart but the nerdy chack here was just too much. You know the type. They’re nice but they won’t hesitate to take you on a wild ride, droppin’ mad mumbo jumbo about shit they’re confident about. That’s cool if you’re into the same academic JSTOR articles but if not, it’s really one-sided. The most fun I could probably have on this date is exactly what was portrayed here, start talking about sex just to see them squirm a little. But that gets old. I guess the same kind of conditions exist for the ditzy chack. As long as you got a guy who is equally brain dead, it should be all good. Compatibility. For me, the sheer stupidity on display here kinda turned me on. But I wonder how long before I stop and think, ‘wow, this isn’t some television sitcom character, these are actual words coming out of a real person. That’s fucked up.’

Anyway, what do you prefer?

HAHA I love this girl, look at this screen grab:

Check her out on Gumship Radio Episode 6

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    damn im sexy as hell

  • Dave

    ^ honestly the fact that you don’t take yourself seriously is sexy as hell. Keep up the good work homie

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