Year of the Snake Sneaker Review

Published On February 9, 2013 | By Dave | buy, footwear, style



Nike Air Force 1 black

“It’s a sexy shoe. I think the check is like a jewel case. There’s no stitching, I always liked that. The air unit midsole.”



“I like the colorway, I don’t like the execution, especially the multi-colored stitiching on the check. Not a fan. I like everything about it but the check.”



“That shit is hideous”

kobe black

“I’m not really a fan of animal reptile print on basketball sneakers. But the clear sole luminates the shoe because it’s all black.”


kobe red/blue

“My guess is because he’s a fan of Barcelona (the colorway). Not a fan of the shoe.”


kobe red/grey/black

“Good colorway, definitely. I like that one. I like how the black and the red reminds me of marble.”


huarache 2k4

“I love that shoe (the huarache). Nice, simple colorway, nothing crazy. The subtle snakeskin around the heel and a bit on the toe is nice. They probably picked the 2k4 because they used to do snakeskin when they first came out.”

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