Ay, some dudes just be going all out!

Chinese Yang Hu was so depressed about being single and working his factory job, he just cut his dick off and then rode to the hospital on his bike. THEN the doctors were like, YO WE CAN’T DO NOTHING FOR YOU, RIDE BACK TO YA CRIB AND BRING YA DICK WITH YOU. So, he goes back, grabs his severed peen off the floor, RIDES BACK, and then the doctor’s all AY MAN, YOU TOOK TOO LONG, IT’S OVER FOR YA.

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? wut. WTF. AW man. Holy shit. Damn. damb. WHAAAAAATTT?!

I’m not even laughing right now. Loneliness and a dead end job is a mixture for the worst. Don’t lose hope, ya’ll. This dude is only 28.


So I hear this story is most likely bullshit because it’s from the Daily Mail. Mannnnnn, I’m not familiar with UK tabloids. But yo, the moral of the story is still REAL as ever. Don’t snip ya prick, pawn ya dong, chop ya cock… etc etc think of more, if you’re bored.

[via dailymail]

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